Description of Services

On behalf of the Biofuel Recycling team we are pleased to offer a comprehensive consulting package that can be tailored to the specific bioenergy development needs of large and small municipalities. Biofuel Recycling is a San Francisco based non-profit whose mission is to develop projects that foster sound energy policy while promoting sustainable living within our urban communities. We provide ecological vision and technical expertise for energy and utility infrastructure projects with a focus on converting waste to energy.

Alternative Energy Project Development Services

* Utility system planning and energy production technology selection
* Residential and commercial cooking oil collection program strategies
* Multilingual educational materials & outreach
* Cooking oil collection technology and equipment selection
* Vegetable oil storage and handling including transport/loading/offloading
* Quality assurance quality control (QA/QC) for alternative fuel and feedstock
* Feedstock development including staffing, training and routing strategies
* Workshops for utility professionals, fleet managers and the general public

Since 2004 fleet managers from a variety of cities and companies have utilized our expertise to transition their fueling infrastructure to clean, renewable biodiesel. We can develop a quality control and maintenance program designed specifically to meet your needs and ensure a smooth fleet implementation.

Fleet Conversions Services

* In depth experience with alternative fuels for case studies and examples
* Fleet manager trainings and presentations
* Review engines, fueling infrastructure compatibility, maintenance, warranty
* Access to fuel supply through qualified producers and vendors
* Understanding Quality Control
* Pilot Program Development
* Fleet wide evaluation and report

Our team consists of experienced biofuel industry professionals from an array of different backgrounds with expertise in engineering, design, construction, education, market development, and business management. Particulars on our staff and board are available on our website

Recent Projects
Biofuel Recycling is the architect of the innovative SFGreasecycle program, a citywide effort coordinated through the Public Utilities Commission of the City of San Francisco to create a waste vegetable oil (WVO) recovery program that diverts Fats, Oils & Grease (FOG) out of the trash, away from the city sewer system and into the San Francisco city fleet of vehicles. The San Francisco Public Utility Commission (SFPUC) has established a Commercial Waste Oil Transfer Station to handle FOG materials generated from commercial and residential establishments. This waste oil is then processed and sold to the local biofuel industry as feedstock for biodiesel production. Project construction, operations as well as ongoing management and logistical support for this program are coordinated by BRC in cooperation with the SFPUC. Solid working relationships with 4 local biodiesel producers (Yokayo Biofuels, Bentley Biofuels, Sirona Fuels previously Blue Sky Biofuels, and Bio EASI) have been established by providing a consistent feedstock supply. This project is currently generating more than 25,000 gallons of WVO per month and is projected to achieve over 60,000 gallons of WVO diversion per month within a few years.

Biofuel Recycling offers many resources through our highly experienced staff, successful project management, research, and partnerships. We look forward to working with you to establish a scope of work that will allow us to help you move your projects forward rapidly towards success. Please contact us at your earliest convenience to discuss the details of these possibilities and the next steps we can take.

We appreciate your interest in and efforts towards creating a cleaner, greener future for us all.


The Biofuel Recycling Team