NearBio - Find the nearest biodiesel wherever you are  
SF Department of Environment - SF Gov's Green Energy Dept. 
Biodiesel Access Taskforce - Biodiesel Regulations for SF 
National Biodiesel Board - The NBB 
California Air Resources Board - CARB 
BAAQMD - Bay Area Air Quailty 
California Biodiesel Alliance - CA biodiesel groups 
Cytoculture - Biodiesel testing 
Green Car Congress - Green Vehicle Daily 

SF Greasecycle - San Francisco, CA
SF Public Utility Commission - San Francisco, CA

Environmental Justice:
Green Action - San Francisco, CA  
Local Impact - San Francisco, CA  
Ella Baker Center - Oakland, CA  

Co-ops, vendors and biofuel groups:
Peoples Fuel Cooperative - San Francisco, CA  
Green Depot - Santa Monica, CA  
Berkeley Biodiesel Collective - Berkeley, CA
Dogpatch Biofuels - San Francisco, CA  
Biofuel Oasis - Berkeley, CA  
Autopia Biofuels - San Mateo, CA  
Blue Sky Bio-fuels - Oakland, CA
Real Goods Solar Living Center - Hopland, CA
Yokayo Biofuels - Ukiah, CA
Bentley Biofuels - Minden, NV
LC Biofuels - Richmond, San Anselmo & So. Lake Tahoe, CA
Community Fuels - Stockton, CA  
Tellurian Biodiesel - San Francisco & Santa Monica, CA  
Piedmont Biofuels - Pittsboro, NC  
UNH Biodiesel Group - Durham, NH  
Betty Biodiesel - Biodiesel for schools! 

Supporting Businesses
Young Community Developers - San Francisco, CA  
CELLspace - Artist Cooperative  
Incredible Adventures - Home of the SFBC  
Protestworks - Products for protest, profits for peace
Pair Networks - Website hosting
SF Clean City - Cleaning, greening and beautifying San Francisco
Mrs McVey’s Class - Information on various alternative fuel vehicles

Blogs of Interest
Beyond Chron - "The Voice of the Rest"   
Inhabitat - Source to innovations in technology, design, and materials.  
Treehugger - Sustainability blog  

Other misc sites
Firefox - Preferred internet browser