Benjamin Jordan

Benjamin P. Jordan, P.E., Technical Consultant, provides civil engineering expertise for sustainable ecological design projects including water, bioenergy production and permaculture education. He has extensive experience in the design and construction of municipal, commercial and residential utility infrastructure, bioenergy production from waste resources and sustainable community development projects. Before working to establish an ecological design firm, a worker owner biofuel distribution cooperative and a biofuel recycling non-profit, Mr. Jordan worked extensively for private engineering consultants and has certifications in green design, tank inspection and composting education. Mr. Jordan holds a California Professional Civil Engineering License and a B.S. degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Michigan.
He is a founder of and currently works for Biofuel Recycling, a 501 (c)(3) organization that provides bioenergy project planning from waste resources and green job development, Peoples Fuel Cooperative a worker owner corporation that provides alternative energy and fuel implementation services in addition to the delivery of pure high quality biodiesel to large and small fleets and Design Ecology, a professional design firm providing ecological building and community systems through landscape architecture, architecture and civil engineering services.

Trevitt Schultz

Trevitt's adventure with biofuels began in 2003 with the purchase of a 1981 Crown school bus which he helped convert to run on WVO. After touring North America for 2 years as a biofuel educator, Trevitt returned to the bay area to become a founding member and officer of a biofuel distribution company, People's Fuel Cooperative. His background in accounting, finance, and business management is put to good use tracking the daily operations of Biofuel Recycling.

Wesley Caddell

Wesley's role with Biofuel Recycling draws upon his experience in fuel distribution, quality oversight, feedstock development, customer service, plant management, business development, and sales & marketing of sustainably sourced, ecologically produced biofuels. Wesley received his BA in culture, ecology and sustainable community with a focus in renewable energy from New College of California in 2004. His past achievements include the successful expansion of two Bay Area Biofuel production facilities, Blue Sky Biofuels and Bay Area Biofuels. Wesley is also co-owner of Peoples Fuel, San Francisco based biodiesel distribution and consulting company.

Joshua Burbridge

Joshua has an extensive background in organic/natural food management and live music production. His role with Biofuel Recycling Cooperative continues to integrate his passion for environmental stewardship and energy security in all industries. He has found a new frontier for his management, workplace efficiency and purchasing skills with the BR and its clients.

Board of Directors

Eric Bowen

Mr. Bowen is President and CEO of Tellurian Biodiesel, a leading biodiesel marketer and distributor that has partnered with national fast food supply chain and rendering companies to produce biodiesel from animal fat and used cooking oil with the goal of becoming the leading low cost, high quality U.S. biodiesel producer.
Mr. Bowen is a nationally recognized expert in biodiesel tax strategy, incentives, finance and production. Eric Bowen co-founded and is Chairman of the California Biodiesel Alliance. Mr. Bowen has also been instrumental in the City of San Francisco's nationally recognized biodiesel programs including: San Francisco's biodiesel fuel purchasing contract, Mayor Gavin Newsom's biodiesel executive order, creating the San Francisco Biodiesel Taskforce and serving as its Chairman, creating the San Francisco Department of Environment biodiesel environmental justice program and creating the San Francisco "Greasecyle" program to collect used cooking oil and make them available for biodiesel production. Mr. Bowen also serves on Mayor Newsom's Clean Technology Advisory Council, was the founding President of the San Francisco Biofuels Cooperative and assisted in the Sustainable Biodiesel Summit creation. Prior, Mr. Bowen was a Managing Director with San Francisco Biodiesel and before that, was Vice President, Energy and Director, Biofuels at the investment banking firm Sigma Capital Group where he specialized in biodiesel project finance. Mr. Bowen was a corporate attorney at the Heller Ehrman Venture Law Group in Silicon Valley where he managed complex transactions and assisted dozens of companies with capital raising, mergers and acquisitions and initial public offerings. Mr. Bowen was also an attorney at the Venture Law Group. Mr. Bowen graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the Robert D. Clark Honors College at the University of Oregon and earned his J.D. at the University of California, Berkeley, School of Law - Boalt Hall.

Joe Gershen

Mr. Gershen is Director of Sales & Marketing for Crimson Renewable Energy, which operates the largest biodiesel production facility in California. He has been a leading biodiesel marketer since 2002, pioneering efforts to develop the industry in California and around the country. He has been instrumental in facilitating numerous fleet transitions to biodiesel, including municipal and transit bus fleets of Santa Monica, Inglewood, Beverly Hills, Pasadena and the CLIF Bar distribution fleet.  In partnership with McDonald’s supply chain partner, Golden State Foods, Mr. Gershen created a successful closed-loop solution to recycle their fryer oil into biodiesel used to power their distribution fleets, which resulted in carbon reduction and cost savings for the company.  Strong adherence to quality control and assurance, as well as handling and use protocols helped earn him an industry reputation for quality, service and reliability. Mr. Gershen is the founder of Green Depot, a sustainable energy organization that merged with Biofuel Recycling in 2011, and regularly works with industry groups, environmental and community organizations, regulatory agencies and state and local policy makers. He represents the California biodiesel industry as a member of the Energy Commission’s Advisory Committee for the AB 118 “Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program”.

Eric Smith

Eric "Doc" Smith is a musician and recording engineer who has worked with the likes of Brian Eno, Madonna, Warren Zevon, and Mickey Hart among others. In 1995, Smith designed and built his critically acclaimed musical instrument, "The Drummstick". Smith is a consultant for Waste Solutions Group and helped to successfully convert the SF Bay Railroad's locomotives to using biodiesel. He is also the director of Green Depot, a non-profit, public benefit corporation, funded by an environmental justice grant from the SF Department of the Environment. It's mission is to bring the economic, health, and environmental benefits of biodiesel to San Francisco residents, focusing on some of the neighborhoods hardest hit by toxic diesel pollution - Bayview Hunters Point and Potrero. He drives a 2001 VW Beetle that runs exclusively on biodiesel.

Wayne Veatch

Wayne Veatch is an electrical engineer and retired attorney, an inactive member of the California State Bar, with more than thirty years of experience in litigation, dispute resolution, high technology support and business transactions. He has been house counsel to several San Francisco and Silicon Valley software companies, including Macromedia, BroadVision and ASK, where he created business relationships and resolved business disputes. He is interested in efficient technology and furthering the use of renewable fuels.